Creative solutions customised to appeal to your target audience

I am able to offer your company the highest standard of internet design, producing fast-loading web pages with clear and logical navigation systems. I can work with existing logos and graphics, or create the site from scratch.

I am happy hand-coding HTML, ASP VBScript, SQL and CSS. I have a good working knowledge of Javascript and Flash, along with excellent understanding of databases and other languages.

If you are not already connected to the internet, I can find you a suitable ISP, register your domain and set up any additional requirements such as a secure server for e-commerce.

I can develop dynamic sites using databases to control the content served to the user for e-commerce solutions and content management systems.

Using templates and cascading style sheets (CSS) to control the layout means updates can take place in-house and the site will maintain a consistent look and feel and future re-designs can be easily implemented.

All websites are designed to be search engine friendly and accessible to all the main browsers as well as mobile devices.